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Jetpack Manage (formerly Pro Dashboard)

Once you’ve signed up as a Jetpack partner agency or organization with many sites, you can log into Jetpack Manage and immediately start issuing Jetpack licenses for your sites.

Requirements for Jetpack Manage

  • A dedicated account that you will use to connect all of your client sites to Jetpack and manage them in Jetpack Manage. Don’t have one yet? Sign up for one here.
  • All sites to be managed via Jetpack Manage should be hosted by a host that meets the WordPress Host Requirements.
  • All sites to be managed via Jetpack Manage should be using the latest version of WordPress. If your version of WordPress is out of date, you’ll see a prompt to automatically upgrade with a single click, or can upgrade manually.
  • All sites to be managed via Jetpack Manage should be publicly accessible WordPress sites. No password protection, coming soon, or maintenance mode plugins can be used, or Jetpack may not be able to connect to the sites.
  • All sites to be managed via Jetpack PManage should have publicly accessible XML-RPC files.

Sign up for Jetpack Manage

You’re just a few steps away from being able to manage your sites via Jetpack Manage. To get started:

  1. While logged into your account, go to
  2. When prompted, click Approve to authorize the connection between and your account.
When prompted to connect, click the approve button.
  1. On the next screen, you’ll be prompted to fill out the information about your business. Once completed, click Continue.
Fill out your business information and click the continue button.
  1. Once you’ve completed the form, you’ll be taken to Jetpack Manage.
From Jetpack Manage, you can view your connected sites, manage their settings, issue licenses, and more.

Navigating Jetpack Manage’s Dashboard

Detailed instructions for navigating Jetpack Manage’s Dashboard can be found on the Jetpack Manage: Dashboard article.

Adding Sites to Your Dashboard

Adding sites to your Dashboard is as simple as connecting them to Jetpack with your Jetpack Agency & Pro Partner Program account. Detailed instructions can be found on the Adding Sites to Jetpack Manage article.

Disconnecting Jetpack on a site will remove it from your Dashboard.

Adding Licenses to Sites in Your Dashboard

You can manage Jetpack licenses for all of your sites using Jetpack Manage. Detailed instructions can be found on the Issuing, Assigning, and Revoking Licenses article.

Important: If you or your client had previously purchased a Jetpack plan through, please contact support for assistance cancelling this other plan. Not cancelling the other Jetpack plan will result in the plan continuing to auto-renew.

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