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Subscribers Stats

The Jetpack Stats Subscribers view provides insights and data related to your subscribers.

This view offers various panels and sections to help you understand your subscriber growth and engagement. Here is an overview of the main components:

All-time Stats

This section provides an overview of the total number of subscribers. It includes the total number of email subscribers, free email subscribers, paid email subscribers, and subscribers. These statistics should give you a comprehensive understanding of your subscriber base:

  • Total email subscribers: The total number of email subscribers to your site or blog. These are people who have signed up to follow your blog via email through the Jetpack subscriptions feature. You can add a Subscribe block to your site to increase this number.
  • Free email subscribers: This is the number of email subscribers that are not paying for your newsletters.
  • Paid email subscribers: This is the total number of paid email subscribers who have signed up to receive your paid newsletters. For more information about Jetpack Paid Newsletters, see this support guide.
  • subscribers: This is the number of subscribers who have signed up to follow your blog or site via the Reader. Each time you publish new content on your blog, via email, in their Reader, or both depending on their settings.


The Subscribers panel displays a list of your most recent subscribers, including both subscribers and email subscribers. The list is ordered based on the date of subscription, with the newest subscribers appearing at the top.

You can switch between your subscribers on and those subscribed to your email newsletters using the control on the top-right corner of the panel.

While viewing subscribers, clicking on any subscriber takes you to their website or blog for more information about them and their content.

You can also click on the “View all” link to access the complete list of subscribers with more detailed information.

Number of Subscribers

The Number of Subscribers section shows the total number of subscribers in a visual format. It provides counts for email subscribers, subscribers, and social media followers.

If you have linked your website to your social media accounts (including Facebook, LinkedIn, or Tumblr), Jetpack will automatically fetch the number of followers you have for each of the connected networks and display them here. To connect to social media networks, you can refer to this support guide.

It gives you a quick overview of your subscriber count across different platforms.


The Emails panel in your Dashboard showcases the latest emails sent to your subscribers in a tabular format. It provides data on the number of opens and clicks for each email. By examining the engagement metrics, you can determine the effectiveness of your email campaigns and identify popular content.

These components collectively offer a comprehensive overview of your subscriber statistics, allowing you to track growth, engagement, and overall subscriber activity. With the provided data, you can refine your strategies, optimize email campaigns, and effectively engage with your audience.

You can click on a particular email to see more stats for that email, such as the number of recipients, total opens, open rate, in addition to the countries, devices, and email clients of subscribers that engaged with the emails.

You can also click on the “View all” link to access the complete list of emails and their open and click stats.

The Emails panel does not display on the Stats page in your WP Admin. You can select the site you’d like to view the Email panel for, on

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