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Install Jetpack Search on Your Site

Jetpack Search is a powerful replacement for the search capability built into WordPress. It is available via a Jetpack Search upgrade or with the Jetpack Complete plan. Jetpack Search provides higher quality results and an improved search experience.

If you are looking for Jetpack Search plugin, check our support page.

For general features, please see our information page.

Our advanced search solution is backed by Elasticsearch, Jetpack Stats, and our globally distributed data centers. We process your data with multiple technologies to build a modern search experience that improves website engagement, so visitors can search, refine their results, and find the best content and products.

This feature is available with a Jetpack Search subscription and is priced based on how much content is on your site.

Top Features:

  • Instant(*) search and filtering without reloading the page.
  • Real-time indexing supports your search as you type.
  • Theme compatibility for both desktop and mobile.
  • Prioritized results based on your site traffic give better results than the default WordPress search query, and also better than other search plugins.
  • Spelling correction and highlighting matching terms.

(*) “Instant” search is also sometimes known as live search, “AJAX” search, real-time search, or dynamic search. As the user is typing, the search results auto-update to minimize how long it takes to find results. On mobile devices, this is particularly important.

What do I need to run Jetpack Search on my site?

  • A web host that meets the WordPress host requirements.
  • The latest version of WordPress. If your version of WordPress is out of date, you’ll see a prompt to automatically upgrade with a single click, or can upgrade manually.
  • A account. Don’t have one yet? Sign up for one here, or create one during the Jetpack connection flow. You only need one account to access all our services (including Akismet, Crowdsignal, Gravatar, and itself). If you use any of these services, you already have a account to connect to Jetpack. You can reset your password if you need to.
  • A publicly accessible WordPress site: no password protection or Coming Soon / Maintenance Mode plugin in use.
  • A publicly accessible XML-RPC file.

Jetpack Search is active and pre-configured as soon as you purchase the product. At the end of the purchase, you will be brought to your site’s Customizer to verify that it is working as expected.

Customizing Jetpack Search

Jetpack Search uses an overlay to display all search results. Check our Customize Jetpack Search page.

If you continue to have trouble with Jetpack Search, take a look at our FAQ page, or feel free to contact us.

Still need help?

Please contact support directly. We’re happy to advise.

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