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Transitioning from VaultPress to Jetpack Backup

If you’re used to the VaultPress backup system, the new Jetpack Backup interface might feel a little unfamiliar. This guide is here to help you get to know our new system that we’re excited to share with you

What are the similarities between VaultPress and Jetpack Backup?

We’ve worked hard to have the features folks love about VaultPress available within Jetpack Backup. At a high level, the products both offer the same backup, restore, and security functionality. For example, both options can backup a site without needing FTP/SFTP/SSH credentials but need them if you want to restore a site. As a result, the core of what you know and love with VaultPress you will still find within Jetpack Backup.

What are the differences between VaultPress and Jetpack Backup?

The main differences now exist at both a code level and in the visual experience. To explain, Jetpack Backup was built to be far more efficient than VaultPress resulting in backup/restore speeds being far faster than what they were with VaultPress. Unlike VaultPress, Jetpack Backup requires a working Jetpack connection to complete backups properly. 

Whereas VaultPress displayed Backups on a single page in a separate dashboard, Jetpack Backup shows your backups listed within your overall site’s Activity on This means your restore events are now logged in your site’s Activity, an addition previously not available on VaultPress. We made this change to help unite our different interfaces from VaultPress and to help give better context for when backups occur allowing folks to make better decisions about when to restore their site. For example, before you might restore your site using VaultPress without knowing when a security threat first appeared on your site. With Jetpack Backup, you’ll be able to see in line where the threat first appeared and work back from there to determine the best time to restore!

Where are my backups?

VaultPress displayed your backups on their own Backups page, listed by day (and by hour if you had a Jetpack Backup Real-time or Security Real-time plan).

Instead of listing a page of backups labelled only with a date/time, Jetpack lists events that occur on your site. You can see these events in your site’s Activity, and restore your site to a specific event (rather than a specific date/time).

This helps, for example, if you know that everything was working fine before you updated a certain plugin. Instead of searching through backups to find the one before you updated the plugin, you can just find the ‘plugin updated’ event for that plugin, and restore your site to that point.

What if I want to restore?

To restore your site to an earlier date, go through your site’s Activity until you see the date you want, then select an event that corresponds to the time period you want to restore to, and click ‘Restore to this point’.

You can also use the Activity Type Filter to filter by Backups and Restores. To do so, simply check the box next to Backups and Restores and click ‘Apply’. You can then select a backup to restore from. 

Note that if no events occurred on your site on a specific date, there will be no events listed for that day, and you’ll need to select a later or earlier date. Backups will still be made on your site even if there are no events occurring on any particular day.

Where do I see security alerts?

Like backup and restore events, Security alerts will appear within your site’s Activity. This will allow you to make better decisions around when you might need to restore your site. Security alerts will be sent by email and as notifications on

Have questions? Please contact support directly. We’re happy to lend a hand and to answer any other questions that you may have.

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