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About Jetpack Backups

Jetpack Backups allow you to easily restore or download a backup from a specific moment in the past. It’s like an “undo” button for your site. 

This feature is available on all Jetpack sites with a paid plan.

If your site has been damaged by an accidental deletion or other crisis, you can simply visit your Activity Log and rewind to the last moment you know your theme, plugins, or content were just how you wanted them.

Jetpack backs up your content, settings, uploads, themes, and plugins, intelligently, and seamlessly. If and when disaster strikes, you can easily restore things to working order at the click of a button.

Jetpack Backups are activated as soon as you approve access to your credentials. When you connect to Jetpack backups the first time, you’ll be prompted to do so in the Activity Log:

Form to add backup credentials

You can also add these credentials by going to SettingsSecurity.

You’ll know that the site is backing up because you’ll see the Rewind button on the right side of certain events in your log. Only those events that are logged after adding your credentials can be used to restore your site.

Only certain events can be used for these point-restores. Generally, this includes things like page and post creation and modification; comment addition and modification; plugin and theme installation, changes or updates; and changes or additions to user accounts. So you will see events in your log that don’t have those three dots, as these are not eligible as restore points.

If none of the above works, or if you have any other questions related to Jetpack, please feel free to contact support to get some personalized help.

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