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Configure Jetpack for your not-for-profit

Power up your non-profit site for no cost at all.

At Automattic, we believe in making the web a better place. This means giving organizations the website tools you need to succeed online. Jetpack was designed to provide all of the awesome parts of to use on your site (read more about and

While Jetpack offers more than 30 different features, here we highlight some free features that would be particularly useful for those running a site for a not for profit or charity organization:

Jetpack Social

Write once. Post everywhere. With Jetpack Social you can automatically share your site’s posts on several social media networks when you publish a new post. Instead of having to manually share your content on each social media platform your organization runs, let us handle each post for you. You can share up to 30 times per month for free. Use the saved time to focus on growing your non profit organization or charity!

Brute force attack protection

Brute force attacks are probably not something many people think about until an attack occurs on their site. You may think you’re not a target. Sadly, everyone is a target.

The last thing you want to deal with as a not-for-profit is for your site to be brought down because of these attacks. With Jetpack’s Brute force attacks protection feature, your site will automatically block unwanted login attempts, keeping your organization safe and sound without you having to worry about a thing. Be proactive and keep your organization safe. 


Have you ever received an email from a member saying they can’t access your site? It’s a terrible feeling knowing your site went down and you had no idea. To help give you a headstart in case this does happen, we built Monitor, which does as its name suggests and monitors your site to make sure it’s still up. If it goes down, we will send you an email to let you know! We even email you when we notice it’s back up. Read more.


Many visitors land on your site once, never to return. Convert more visitors into regular readers of the content your organization works hard to produce by making it easy to subscribe to your site, so new content is sent directly to them. Rather than hoping your organization’s members get the latest updates, Newsletters make it easy for them to receive notifications about your latest news. 

Keep visitors engaged with content that interests them. With Jetpack’s Related Posts feature, you can keep visitors on your site longer. Most sites that activate this see an increase in traffic! The best part is that there is no additional load on your site when you activate this feature, as we do all the processing.


Engage with your audience better by understanding what they’re looking at. With Jetpack Stats analyze which pages people are looking at the most, and where your traffic is coming from. Stats are automatically enabled when you activate and connect Jetpack to – no additional setup is required! 

Akismet anti-spam

Save precious time by diverting spam comments and contact form submissions from your nonprofit’s website. Akismet anti-spam is available to qualified not-for-profit organizations for free. Read more and apply today.

While this covers our free features, be sure to check out our paid add-ons for additional security and engagement services. 

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