Jetpack 4.1: Secure Sign On Improvements, Two New Sharing Buttons, and More

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Jetpack 4.1 is here, and it’s packed with performance improvements, new features, improvements to existing features, and bug fixes!

Performance Enhancements

We’ve improved Jetpack’s performance by making calls to the database more efficient. Essentially, Jetpack is doing less on each page load, making things faster. We’ve also made some changes to Photon and Carousel to load your images faster than ever.

Feature and UI Improvements

Are you familiar with our Secure Sign On module? It allows you to use your log in credentials to register for and sign in to your self-hosted site quickly and securely.

Jetpack Secure Sign On

We fully redesigned SSO with improvements that will make it even easier to set up and use on your site. Give it a try by going to Jetpack > Settings in your dashboard, and enabling the SSO module.

Also new in this release are two new Sharing buttons. Now, your readers can share your posts on Telegram and, if they’re using a mobile device, on WhatsApp.

Jetpack Sharing Buttons

To add these new buttons to your site, go to Settings > Sharing in your dashboard, or access your sharing options in your Manage dashboard!

That’s not all! We also worked on some improvements for the foodies and beer connoisseurs.

  • Food bloggers will like our improved [recipe] shortcode to format and publish recipes. You can find detailed instructions about this shortcode here.
  • If you are an Untappd user, you might be interested in our new [untappd-menu] shortcode. To use the shortcode, follow the instructions here.


We’re continuing our efforts to harden Jetpack security and we’ve added extra measures to avoid timing attacks when comparing strings. Thanks to Elliott Stocks who reached out to us about this.

We also improved the connection process for sites using an SSL certificate.

And more!

If you’d like to learn more about this release and the other changes it brings to Jetpack, you can check the full changelog here.

Time to head over to your dashboards, hit the Update button, and give this new Jetpack a try! We hope you’ll like it.

A special thank you to everyone who contributed to 4.1:

Adam Franco, Andrew Duthie, Biser Perchinkov, Brandon Kraft, Christopher Finke, Dan Walmsley, Derek Smart, Drew Butler, Elio Rivero, Enej Bajgoric, Eric Binnion, George Stephanis, Giustino Borzacchiello, Ian Dunn, Igor Zinovyev, James Nylen, Javi A., Jeff Golenski, Jeremy Herve, Jesse Friedman, Jon Brown, Joseph Scott, Lance Willett, Laurel Fulford, Michael Adams, Miguel Lezama, Paul Schreiber, Ryan Hellyer, Sam Hotchkiss, Sarah Semark, Scott Kingsley Clark, Stephen Edgar, Thomas Guillot, Timmy Crawford, and Yoav Farhi.

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Jeremy Herve

Jetpack Mechanic 🚀 at Automattic. WordPress, board games, TV Series, music.

Explore the benefits of Jetpack

Learn how Jetpack can help you protect, speed up, and grow your WordPress site. Get up to 70% off your first year.

Explore plans

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  1. Harsh Agrawal says:

    Hey Good to see telegram button. Jeremy it would be great to see improvement in the protect module.


  2. Gareth Gudger says:

    Lots of nice updates! Excited about the performance improvements.

    In the next release can we get JetPack minified with the Javascript and HTLM it uses. Seems like it is always flagged with Google PageSpeed Insights.


  3. Kenz says:

    I think you should updates like facebook at the Sharing buttons.


  4. frenckcoppola says:

    regarding the sharing buttons would be great to have an option to insert these buttons before the text of the post and not later


  5. Tamhas Buchan says:

    I particularly like the secure sign on update, the page no longer breaks when a login page cosmetic mod plugin is used. Whatsapp button is awesome, and speed… we all have the need! Thanks Jetpack Team!


  6. René says:

    Publicize no longer work after the 4.1 update


  7. Jakob Boman says:

    Thanks for the update. It is awesome. I really like the integration with WhatsApp. It works perfectly!


  8. Muş Emlak says:

    great thanks


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