An Update on Jetpack Social and Twitter

Update: We have regained access to the Twitter API, and Jetpack Social should be fully functional on all sites again!
Please read our latest post here and reach out to support if you continue to have issues.

On April 3rd, Twitter suspended our access to the Twitter API without warning. As a result of this, Jetpack Social connections to Twitter are currently not working, and it is not possible to share a post on Twitter. Other Jetpack functionalities that depend on Twitter are also affected.

Any Jetpack Social connections to other platforms (Tumblr, Facebook, and LinkedIn) are unaffected and can be used as usual.

We want you to know that we’re on top of this and working hard to find a solution. We’ll keep this post updated as we get more information.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Thanks for being patient with us as we work to get everything back up and running.

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