Jetpack Doubles Downloads

They say the first million is the hardest, and it’s true: it took Jetpack 13 months to get its first million downloads.

However maybe doubling is easier. In the past 4 months Jetpack has doubled its downloads and flown past 2 million downloads from, tripling its growth in just a few short months.

What’s putting extra fuel in the Jetpack? Updates, of course. We’ve shipped three major new feature releases that have seen huge adoption — contact forms, Jetpack comments, and carousels — in just the first half of this year, in addition to dozens of smaller features, and there is lots more on its way. (Maybe even something this week. :))

Any bets for when we’ll reach 4 million?

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In 2002 I started contributing to Open Source software, and life has just gotten better from there. Co-founder of WordPress, founder Automattic.

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  1. Russ Roberts says:

    Great downloads! You should have no problem in getting to 4 million. Good stuff all the way around.


  2. Clifford Paulick, TourKick says:

    3 mil on December 14, 2012.
    4 mil on March 31, 2013.
    Simple as that. 😉

    Please add author-level stats to Jetpack for


  3. HipHostess Nyc says:

    love Jetpack features, but have had trouble applying the comments upgrade…not sure where to turn…thanks, ellen


  4. Emma McCreary says:

    I love it for my personal sites, but for a Multisite SaaS I am building, it has way too much branding and setup steps for my users. I wish I could get at least some of the features (like Contact Forms) without my users having to set up their own account, and without them seeing the fluffy clouds. (They are very nice fluffy clouds, but the branding confusion would degrade user experience).


  5. --Rick says:

    How about making more of the common features available. We .org users are spreading the word about the value of your product and alleviating stain on your computers, but are slapped in the face for our efforts by being denied the more popular and functional tools the “free” version uses.


    • Matt says:

      That’s the plan — is there anything in particular you’re looking for from a future release?


      • --Rick says:

        Yep…the WP article like button and the publicize feature to begin with and to be able to use all of the features on without having to also run a site to make them functional. The very concept is absurd.


  6. Jeremy Andrews says:

    I was really excited about Jetpack. It implements all the most common things I need extensions for. I now use it in all new WordPress sites and plan to roll it out to existing sites soon as well.


  7. yarnitect says:

    I’ve really only used Jetpack for stats. But I just poked around again today…and WOW! Really cool stuff has been added. LOVE contact us form. Sharing is super cool. I nearly ran to my husbands office to tell him how awesome this is. I’m sure I’ll be emailing a friend of mine who also builds WP sites…cause this will save him so much time.

    I have a client asking about linking her site to facebook. My vote is for Publicize. I would soooo love to see that in Jetpack. Even and ETA would be helpful. =)

    When will you get 4 mil? Hmmm…tough to say. My guess: 22 months.


  8. Jared Ribic says:

    I agree with Rick. Please let users have the same functions as


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