Meet the Jetpack VideoPress Block, Dashboard, and Plugin

Imagine: You built a beautiful website, painstakingly crafted your brand look, then created an engaging ad and a stylish video to show off your product. You did all the hard work to get someone to visit your site and click on your video, and then the first thing they see is a YouTube ad for a bathroom cleaner. This isn’t the experience that any professional brand should offer in 2023. This is why there’s Jetpack VideoPress.

We think VideoPress is the best video solution for WordPress. Why? It offers both a seamless experience for you and a beautiful, ad-free video player for your visitors. We’re excited to share some new features that will help convince you. Read on to learn more about the new Dashboard, Block, and Plugin for VideoPress.

A complete video experience from the WordPress Editor

With the Jetpack VideoPress Block, adding videos to your content has never been easier. This powerful tool lets you effortlessly insert videos straight from the WordPress editor and comes packed with advanced features like subtitles, captions, chapters, private videos, and poster images.

  • High-Resolution Videos Up to 4K – Watch crisp images on any display and screen size. We’ve added video display for 1440p, 60 FPS, and full 4K resolution. 
  • Ad-free video – Keep the spotlight on your content, not on ads you can’t control.
  • Adaptive Streaming – Videos play back faster by automatically adjusting video quality based on bandwidth and display size. The viewer can still choose the quality they’d like in the menu.
  • Reliable Global Hosting and Video CDN – Built on’s world-class cloud infrastructure, your videos are stored in multiple servers across the globe to ensure quick delivery no matter where your audience is.
  • Subtitles, Captions, and Chapters – Simply upload your text tracks via the VideoPress block and they will be available on the video as soon as you publish.
  • Progress Bar Color Match – The VideoPress seekbar now adapts its color to match the scenes in your videos. This makes your content really pop.
  • Optimized for mobile – Switch between mobile and desktop without missing a beat.
  • Picture-in-picture – Pop out the video from the web browser for easier viewing.
  • Unlimited Logins – Work with a team? We don’t charge per seat, so everyone that works on your site can have their own login.

Your one-stop solution for video management

The VideoPress Dashboard is a centralized space to upload and manage your video library. Filter your library by rating or privacy setting, view your library in multiple ways, and upload local videos to your Jetpack cloud library.

A streamlined video hosting plugin

If you haven’t heard, we have been breaking apart Jetpack into individual plugins. That means if you want VideoPress, but no other parts of Jetpack, we have the plugin for you. Install Jetpack VideoPress and get streamlined access to the VideoPress Block and Dashboard.

The price is right

Try VideoPress out for free today. Everyone can host one video, up to one GB, for free.

For those ready to buy, Jetpack VideoPress includes 1 TB of storage with no limit to the number of videos or bandwidth. We are planning to make additional storage available for purchase in the future.

We’re currently running a 50% off sale, so you can get the first year for less than $5 per month.

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