Redesigned Editor in the Jetpack Mobile App

As we’ve been busy adding blocks and functionality to the mobile editor in the Jetpack mobile app, the fundamental design was overdue some love. We’ve started a refresh with modern styles, streamlined writing, and closer alignment to the experience on the web.

Let’s take a look at the changes coming to you with version 22.9 on iOS and Android.

Fresh styles and colors 

We’ve banished the blues for a bolder black and white design. There’s higher contrast and legibility, and more familiarity with what you see on the web. 

The top navigation bar is tidied up and adds a border to separate your content. We’ve replaced your site title with your site icon, which navigates back to your site. We used the extra space to surface undo/redo at the top.

The editor before and after, with blues changing to black, less complex UI, and more consistent spacing.

Media shortcuts 

When you have no block selected, we added icons to quickly add an image or video without opening the full block list.

Next to the button to add blocks, icons to directly add popular media blocks are displayed.

Streamlined writing and a Unified Toolbar

Writing felt clunky with a border and controls surrounding your text. 

A before and after image showing the blue text and icons have been removed when you're typing.

We’ve removed the blue box to give your words space to breathe. Those actions all moved to the toolbar, so any action you need to take on a block can be found in one place.

An isolated image of the block toolbar, showing all of the controls available: add blocks, block settings, specific block formatting, move block up/down, more options.

The settings icon moves to the start of the toolbar, while the arrows to move blocks up and down are at the end. And even better, you can drag and drop blocks directly.

An image showing where the up/down arrows can be found on the toolbar to move blocks up and down, and another showing that drag and drop can be used too.

More to come

Stay tuned: we’ve got exciting things lined up for the mobile editor experience. Any feedback you have is welcome to help us continue to improve the Jetpack mobile app.

Don’t have the Jetpack mobile app yet? Download it today!

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Chris O'Sullivan profile

Chris O'Sullivan

Chris is a Product Designer who's been working on mobile apps for the last 10 years at a mix of start-ups and big tech companies. At Automattic his focus is improving the Jetpack app for iOS and Android.

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