Jetpack Boost Image Analyzer: Optimize Your Website Images with Ease

Are you aware that oversized images can slow down your website and impact the user experience? Jetpack Boost is proud to introduce the image size analyzer.

Boost Your Website’s Performance

Speed score chart showing 100 on desktop and mobile

The speed and performance of your website are critical to keeping your visitors engaged and improving your search engine ranking. An often overlooked factor affecting site speed is the size of the images you’re using. Larger than necessary images can slow down your site, negatively impacting user experience.

Meet the Image Analyzer

Image Analysis results showing issues on the homepage and pages

The image analyzer is a new addition to Jetpack Boost. It’s designed to enhance your website’s performance by automatically checking the size of images on your site. This feature ensures your images are properly sized for both desktop and mobile users, taking the guesswork out of image optimization.

Detailed Reporting, Simplified

Image recommendations showing size savings and how to fix

After the image analyzer completes its scan, you’ll receive a comprehensive report. This report lists any image size issues, allowing you to easily see and address the most impactful problems first. It’s a straightforward way to enhance your website’s performance.

Optimize Your Website Today

Don’t let oversized images slow down your website. Upgrade your version of Jetpack Boost to include the image size analyzer today and effortlessly enhance your website’s performance.

  • Boost

    50% off *
    $9.95 instead of $19.95 per month for the first year, billed yearly
    Upgrade Boost

    Automatically regenerate critical CSS and hunt down image issues with ease.

    • All free features
    • Automated critical CSS
    • Image size analyzer
    • Performance history
    • Image quality control
    • Priority support
  • * Discount is for the first year only, all renewals are at full price.
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