Jetpack Search: Free for Small Sites and Free Trials for All

Picture this: an excited fan comes to your site to buy your newest product, or read your latest article. They go to the search box, type it in…and it doesn’t work. Sadness.

No matter the size of your site, people expect a working search box. That’s why we’re excited to bring the power and ease of Jetpack Search to even the smallest sites.

We’ve simplified our pricing, and also added a free tier and a 3-month free trial. Add Jetpack Search to your site to see how much it helps your fans find what they’re looking for — available today through Jetpack, the new standalone Jetpack Search plugin, and

Try Search for Free

Sites of all sizes can take advantage of our new free tier — it has a limit of 5k records and up to 500 requests per month. We do not cut off your site from going over the limits for the first three months, so the free tier is also a good way for any sized site to see how Jetpack Search benefits your site and visitors.

Note that sites on the free plan include “Search powered by Jetpack” at the bottom of the UI, support is limited to forums, and searching across multiple sites is not supported. To remove the Jetpack branding, get email support, or search across multiple sites you can upgrade to a paid tier.

Simplified Pricing Based on Monthly Requests and Records

To make our pricing easier to understand and plan around, we’ve gone from having six separate tiers to simply charging $8.25 per month per 10k records or requests. As a reminder, records are all posts, pages, and other types of content you want to be indexed. And requests are every time a visitor searches for something on your site. The price is calculated based on the maximum of either how many search records your site has or the median number of search requests from the past three months. 

An example: if your site has 25,000 records and the number of requests for the past three months are 120k, 35k, and 25k then your plan will auto-renew with a 40k limit. At $8.25 per month, the new price with the 40k limit is $33 per month, compared to $60 under the old pricing. We won’t penalize you for one busy month, so you won’t get a surprise bill.

Just like before, we don’t cut a site off for going over the limit, we just recalculate the limit and price when your plan renews based on the recent usage.

This new pricing does not yet affect existing Search customers. We will reach out by email before your pricing changes and it will only change when your plan renews.

Want to try Jetpack Search without adding the rest of Jetpack? We now have a separate Jetpack Search plugin for a streamlined experience.

If you have a particularly large site with millions of monthly requests/records, then please reach out to our sales team.

Add Jetpack Search to your site today and get a 3-month free trial.

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