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Missing Stats and Troubleshooting Information

Notice that your stats have disappeared? Are your followers and subscribers at zero? Don’t fret, we can help!

With Jetpack, your stats information is connected to a unique blog ID. Sometimes, if a site owner was using a development site (also known as a staging site) or a different URL when they set up Jetpack, disconnecting and reconnecting may create a new blog ID. When this happens, it may appear that your stats and/or followers were lost.

If this happened to you, don’t worry! Your prior stats and followers are safe – we just need to reconnect them to your updated blog ID.

When you contact support, please provide us with the following information if you have it:

  • Your current site URL.
  • Any prior development URLs or subdirectory/subdomain URLs.
  • The username that may have been used to connect Jetpack to

With this information, we should be able to reunite you with your stats and followers.

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