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Install Jetpack and Connect Your New Plan

Are you ready to blast off with Jetpack? Great! This document outlines what you’ll need to get started and connect your site.

What do I need to run Jetpack on my site?

  • A web host that meets the WordPress host requirements.
  • The latest version of WordPress. If your version of WordPress is out of date, you’ll see a prompt to automatically upgrade with a single click, or you can upgrade manually.
  • A account. If you didn’t have one already, an account would have been created when you purchased your plan.
  • A publicly accessible WordPress site: no password protection or Coming Soon / Maintenance Mode plugin.
  • publicly accessible XML-RPC file.

Installing Jetpack from your site

To begin, click on the Plugins link in your WordPress dashboard, then click Add New.

Search for Jetpack. The latest version will be in the search results. Click the Install Now button:

Next, click the Activate button.

After activating, you will be prompted to set up Jetpack:

Next, approve the connection to Make sure the email address shown is the same one as you used when purchasing your plan.

You already purchased a plan, so when you are prompted to choose a Jetpack plan, select the “Start with free” option at the bottom of the page, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Installation FAQ

What if I have a multisite installation?

If you are using WordPress Multisite, Jetpack must be connected separately to on each site in the network (on sites where Jetpack connections are desired). Any Administrator for that site can create the Jetpack connection. It does not have to be a different Administrator user or a different user for each site.

I have a local WordPress install or a private site. Can I use Jetpack?

Yes. You can still use many of Jetpack’s features. You’ll just need to enable Jetpack’s development mode.

How can I activate my license key in my Jetpack installation?

Here are the steps to add a license key:

  1. First, you’ll retrieve the license key of the plan from .
  2. Then head Jetpack > Dashboard > My Plan, click on Activate a Product, and you’ll get to the page to add the license key.

You can also directly get to the activation page by adding the following path to your site URL:

  • Path: /wp-admin/admin.php?page=my-jetpack#/add-license
  • Example of a full link:

Troubleshooting license key error messages

This license key has already been activated on this site.

The license key was already activated and used with that site.

This license key has already been activated on [site name].

The license key was activated and used with another site that’s managed with the WordPress account that purchased the plan.

This license key is associated with a subscription owned by a different user

The license key is associated with a plan that was purchased by a different user ( account) than the one who connected Jetpack on the site.

We could not activate [plan] on [site name] because this site already has a subscription to [plan]

The plan is incompatible with the site. In this specific case, the plan that is already on the site is a higher tier than the one to activate.

This license key is associated with an inactive [plan] subscription and cannot be activated on your site.

The license key is attached to a plan that was canceled or isn’t active on the account anymore.

We’re sorry, [plan] is not compatible with multisite WordPress installations at this time

The plan attached to the license key isn’t compatible with multisite WordPress installations and activation was attempted within that setup.

Invalid license key

The license key is non-existent on our end, or it was mistyped.


I’m having trouble getting Jetpack connected to How can I troubleshoot?

Please see our documentation on Jetpack connection issues.

I still have a problem not addressed by the connection issues document above.

Please see our other troubleshooting documentation here.

How do I install Jetpack in my language?

Once you have installed WordPress in your own language, Jetpack will automatically switch to your language, as long as a translation file is available. More on contributing to Jetpack translations can be found here.

I need more help! What should I do?

Contact Jetpack Happiness Engineers to get personalized help.

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