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Sharing to Instagram with Jetpack Social 

In addition to Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Mastodon, Jetpack Social allows you to connect and share posts to your Instagram Business account. 

Sharing to Instagram

  1. Make sure you’ve connected Jetpack Social to Instagram. You will need to have an Instagram Business account in order to use Jetpack Social to post to your account.
  2. Access the Jetpack Social sidebar. In your post editor screen, locate the Jetpack icon in the top-right corner. Click on it to access the Jetpack Social sidebar.
Screenshot on 2023-06-05 at 22-35-42.png
Click the Jetpack icon to see the auto-sharing options.
  1. Enable the Instagram connection. In the newly opened sidebar, under Share this post, you can toggle on and off Share when publishing. With Share when publishing turned on, you can select the social media networks you want to share to. In this case, choose Instagram.
  2. Selecting an image: Given Instagram’s image-focused nature, in order for your post to be automatically shared on Instagram, it’s mandatory for your post to contain a Featured Image in JPG/JPEG format. If the featured image is a PNG or some other format, the Instagram connection will be disconnected and displayed as greyed out in the Jetpack Social sidebar, and you’ll be shown a notification about how to fix the post in order for it to be properly shared.

    You also may see this error if the featured image is outside of the aspect ratio requirements for Instagram.
  3. Personalizing and sharing your post. If you are using Jetpack Social Free or Jetpack Social Basic, your post’s Featured Image will be shared to your Instagram account. You can also add a custom message with a maximum of 255 characters to your post, then click the Publish button. 

Image Requirements

Image requirements should be considered for the images when sharing to Instagram:

  1. Format: Instagram supports JPG.
  2. Allowed Maximum File Size: 8MB 
  3. Aspect Ratio: The image should have an aspect ratio between 1.91:1 (landscape), 1:1 (square), or 4:5 (portrait).
  4. Resolution: Instagram recommends an image width between 320px and 1440px.
  5. Content Guidelines: The image should comply with Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use. It should not contain inappropriate content such as violence or nudity.

If in doubt or looking for more details, please confirm with Instagram’s Help Center for any recent changes in their guidelines. 

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