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Jetpack Social: Mastodon

Thanks to Jetpack Social‘s auto-sharing feature, you can automatically publish each one of your blog posts on your Mastodon profile. 

Connecting your site to your Mastodon profile

1. To get started, log in to your Mastodon account. Next, navigate to Jetpack → Settings → Sharing from your WP Admin. This will direct you to the connections page on your Dashboard.

Connect your social media accounts with Jetpack Social
Connect your social media accounts

2. Find the Mastodon logo and click the Connect button adjacent to it. A field will open below for you to input your Mastodon username in this format: Once done, click the Connect account button.

Connect Mastodon for Jetpack Social
Connect your Mastodon account

3. Next, a dialog box will appear, prompting you to authorize the connection. You can do so by clicking the Authorize button.

Jetpack Social authorize Mastodon connection
Authorize Mastodon connection for Jetpack Social

4. In the subsequent pop-up, confirm the connection by clicking on the Connect button.

Confirm Mastodon connection for Jetpack Social
Confirm Mastodon account connection for Jetpack Social

Additionally, if you wish to extend the Mastodon connection to all blog users, begin by clicking the arrow beside the Mastodon option. Select the Connection available to all administrators, editors, and authors option. This ensures that any other users connected via Jetpack can automatically publish posts through this Mastodon connection.

You can also link another Mastodon account by clicking the Connect one more account button and following the indications.

Jetpack Social Mastodon Connection Global
Make your Mastodon connection available to all administrators, editors, and authors

That’s it! Having followed these steps, you’re now set to automatically share your posts on your Mastodon profile.

Troubleshooting Jetpack Social Mastodon Connections

As a first step, check that your Jetpack connection is working properly – Jetpack Social will not work correctly otherwise. If you continue to have trouble with Jetpack Social, take a look at our Troubleshooting page.

Known Issue: Previously Scheduled Posts Not Sharing After Mastodon Reconnection

It’s important to inform you about a known issue currently under active investigation in our system. In certain situations, when Mastodon is reconnected, previously scheduled posts may not be shared as anticipated.

Status: Our diligent team of developers is currently working to address this problem. It is a top priority for us, and we appreciate your patience while we work towards a solution.

Temporary Workaround: In the interim, we suggest you implement the following steps to mitigate this issue:

  1. Switch the affected scheduled post back to ‘draft’.
  2. Remove the existing Mastodon connection.
  3. Re-establish the Mastodon connection.
  4. Change the status of the post from ‘draft’ to ‘scheduled’ again.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your posts are shared on Mastodon as planned. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding while we work on resolving this issue.

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