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Jetpack Social: Connecting to Social Networks

Automatically share your blog posts to your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr accounts by connecting them to your site via Jetpack Social.

Note: Publicize is now called “auto-sharing” and is a feature of Jetpack Social.

You can connect your site to your Facebook page, LinkedIn, and Tumblr by following these steps:

  1. Log in to, and from the My Sites menu item at the top of the page, select the Jetpack-connected site you want to connect your social media accounts. Note: you may need to click on ‘Switch Sites’ to find the site you want to manage Jetpack Social on.
  2. Navigate to Tools → Marketing → Connections.
  3. Click Connect next to the Social Network you want to connect to.
  4. Log in to that Social Network site and authorize the connection.

Global Connection

After you add a new connection, you have the option to make the connection “global,” meaning it can also be used by any other user on your site who has the ability to publish posts.

To make the connection available to all users, check the box labeled Connection available to all administrators, editors, and authors:

Note: Making a connection global only allows other users to share their posts to the social network. They do not have access to do anything else such as getting access to the social network account directly.

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