Grow Your Audience With These Website Traffic Tips

Your site has been online for a while and you’ve built a catalog of content related to your business, but you’re still in need of fresh ideas to keep your audience interested in your brand. The good news is that there are some user-friendly ways to do this using Jetpack’s handy tools.

Today, we’ll share a few website traffic tips that can help you to reach even more people with your online presence.

Revise and refresh your existing content

“Keep moving forward” is a mantra that we hear regularly in the business world; however, taking a moment to “look back” can also be useful when it comes to marketing your brand. Often times, we publish valuable content and simply move on from it. These projects we once meticulously crafted but ultimately become forgotten and cemented in time.

If your site has been active for a while, you probably acquired new members and readers who missed seeing your prior content. This content published in the past can actually serve as a present-day treasure trove of link building and social engagement opportunities with your followers. Consider any new trends that might relate to your past content. Update your pieces by adding relevant links and rearranging the structures to boost the value of your post archive.

Refresh older articles with updated graphics. Using photos that are relevant to today’s trends, or updating screen captures with ones from your latest product version keeps things fresh. Make sure to swap out the featured image as well, as it’s a key visual indicator that an article has been changed.

With Jetpack, you’ll have the added performance benefits of automatic image scaling and offsite network hosting. These two features can even improve your site ranking and visitor experience.

Connect your content together

As your site content grows, your internal site links should grow with it. Building a network of internal links helps visitors find related content and gives you more control over the path they take through your site. You’ll notice that it becomes more of a guided tour than a random visit.

Doing this also helps search engines define the relevance of each part of your site, and it can positively influence search engine rankings.

After you connect older articles to newer ones with internal links, go out and connect with other websites that your audience might enjoy visiting. Link to relevant content on other sites, as it’s a great way to expand your network. When you find content that you want to link to, it can help if you contact the author directly and ask them to link back to your site in return.

If a site owner also uses WordPress, they may have Pingbacks enabled. Pingbacks will automatically notify them when you reference their article within your own content, and will prompt them to approve a Pingback link back to your site.

Publicize your content changes with re-shares

To share new and updated articles, use Publicize. This tool allows you to configure your site to share new and refreshed content to your social media pages. Connect to your social media accounts, use Publicize’s “edit” link within an article to tweak its title, and with one click you can publish and share content with your fans on social.

If you update an old article, re-publicize it across your social media channels. You can do this by copying the URL of your revised article, and creating a new post in your social media accounts. You can also configure your posts to re-share automatically on some social networks if you have a Jetpack Premium or Professional plan.

Log into Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and spend some time writing fresh introductions. This might begin with something like: “Let’s revisit a great article from last year: How To Hire A Programmer” and could end with the link to your refreshed article at the end. Consider using a new hashtag, or experimenting with a different image.

Extend your reach with paid ads

Whether you’re creating new content or refreshing existing posts, paying for ads is a great way to reach a wider audience.

For an established site, purchasing ad spots from a service like Google Adwords is a great way to introduce a new subject that you’re writing about, or to drive traffic to a product launch. Ads that lead to articles can build a rapport with new customers versus an ad that links directly to a “BUY NOW” product page. Inform, then sell, is a great way to build trust, and this important factor often leads to better long-term customer relationships.

It takes time for content to naturally attract an audience; however, using paid ad spots helps you move to the front of the line in search engine results. When your Google Analytics and Site Stats from Jetpack start showing an increase in natural traffic, consider “dialing back” on ad spending, or repurpose your content to reach new audience members in different vertical markets.

Draw in readers with these website traffic tips

Even if you’re a seasoned site pro, it’s important to keep a stream of fresh ideas flowing in order to keep readers interested in what you’re offering. Whether you’re updating and re-sharing old posts, building a network of internal links, or using paid ads to reach a wider audience, there are surefire strategies to keep your audience members engaged.

What website traffic tips do you have for drawing in more readers? Share them in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for this post! It gives me more ideas on how to get more traffic to my blog and one of the good ideas is to update or post some of my older post with the most up-to-date data.

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