Jetpack 7.1: all the blocks your business needs

We’ve been working hard to bring you more tools to build an attractive and engaging site. This time around, we’re focusing on a series of blocks that will be useful for all sites and businesses in particular.

This Jetpack release brings six new blocks to WordPress’ new editor: Ads, Business Hours, Contact Info, Mailchimp, Slideshows, and Videos. All of these new blocks will be available on your site as soon as you update to the latest version of Jetpack.

Please note that this release also includes fixes for two security issues for the Protect feature and the “My Community” widget. If you use one of these features, we recommend that you update your site to the latest version as soon as possible.

Many thanks to Babak (silverfox) and Weston Ruter who responsibly let us know about these issues.


The Ads block allows you to insert different ads from our WordAds program within your posts and pages.

Business Hours

Want to specify your business’ opening and closing times? Now, you can use the Business Hours block to let your customers know when they can visit.

Contact Info

The Contact Info block is handy for a business with a physical address. By using this block on your site, search engines will be able to connect your business address to your website, so people can find you — both online and in the real world.


Do you use Mailchimp? With the Mailchimp block, your readers can easily subscribe to your Mailchimp newsletter.


Are you a fan of slideshows to display your images? With the Slideshow block, you can insert beautiful slideshows into your posts and pages so visitors can view your images in all their glory.


Video is one of the most engaging forms of content that you can include on your site. If you’ve purchased our Premium or Professional plan, you’ll have access to Jetpack’s video hosting service and its own Video block and player.

And more!

We’ve also made changes to the Related Posts and the Tiled Galleries block; you can now add up to six posts in a Related Posts block, and Tiled Galleries include filters so you can customize the look of your images a bit more.

Outside of the block editor

Beyond these block editor highlights, we continue to improve your Jetpack experience with other features.

As always, the full changelog offers more details on this update. If you’re ready to bring the latest version of Jetpack to your site, update your existing installation or install Jetpack.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this release:

Alda Vigdis, Allan Cole, Anna Magdalena Kedzierska, Artur Piszek, Beau Lebens, Ben Dwyer, Ben Lowery, Bernie Reiter, Boleyn Su, Brandon Kraft, Cameron Jones, Dennis Snell, Derek Smart, Derek Springer, Elio Rivero, Enej Bajgoric, Eric Binnion, Filipe Varela, Garrett Hyder, Ian Dunn, Igor Zinovyev, Jarda Snajdr, Jason Moon, Jefferson Rabb, Jeremy Herve, Joan Rho, Jon Surrell, Kat Hagan, Kirk Wight, Marin Atanasov, Matt Husby, Michael D Adams, Markus Dobmann, Miguel Torres, Mikael Korpela, Oscar Lopez, Paul Sealock, Rahul Prajapati, Rocco Tripaldi, Thomas Guillot, Torres126, and Weston Ruter.

Did you know?

We released the first version of Jetpack almost eight years ago, on March 9th, 2011! Since then, thanks to your feedback and support, we’ve brought you more features to help you build the perfect website. Thank you for your continued support! Here’s to the next eight years 🙂

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  1. Emaizing Slideshows

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Good job as usual. But I want to bring it to your notice that my Gutenberg editor wouldn’t update my post and kept hanging until I disabled Jetpack. It seems Jetpack keeps calling some API and some servers do not allow it, so this issue. Instead of trying to point fingers on the host’s end, why don’t you fix this issue on your end? If the basic version of jetpack doesn’t work, how can we expect the premium version to work?


  3. Jaesa says:

    Hy !
    I have a question about “new Related Posts” : how can I configure with classic editor, I do not see the function increase to 6 related posts 😦
    Maybe this update was not planned for the classic editor? is there a css code for this ?
    thanks you very much !


  4. Scott Chase says:

    The new Jetpack version 7.1 is not marked as having been tested and compatible with the current WordPress version 5.1. I’m going to hold off updating until this is resolved.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jeremy Herve says:

      You’re right, we forgot to update that number, thanks for letting us know! We’ll update it in the next release, as Jetpack has indeed been tested with the current version of WordPress. We always test Jetpack against the development version of WordPress, the current version, and the previous version.


  5. My Jetpack doesn’t work it won’t update it keeps saying error I’ve disconnected it then added it again but it still won’t work


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