Jetpack 9.0: Continue sharing Facebook and Instagram posts on your site

In this month’s release, we’re offering new ways to transform your content and extend your reach. Now it’s easier than ever to move content from your site to social media and vice versa. 

Even better, all updates included in Jetpack 9.0 are available for free.

The easiest way to embed Facebook and Instagram posts

Facebook and Instagram are ending support for their oEmbed API on October 24. After this change, you must register a Facebook developer account, create an app, and provide a token when calling the new API. Otherwise, embedded posts from Facebook or Instagram will no longer display on your site and will return an error message. 

Millions of WordPress sites rely on this functionality to share their content, so we wanted to find a way to simplify this process for you. We partnered with Facebook to create a seamless transition to ensure Facebook and Instagram posts will continue to display as expected.

Simply connect your site to Jetpack and start sharing. We’ll handle everything behind the scenes so you don’t have to worry about it.

Share your post as a Twitter thread

Have a blog post that you think would work well on Twitter? It’s now easy to convert a post into a Twitter thread to further promote your content. It’s a great companion to the ability to gather Twitter threads and post on your site.

The new options in Publicize allow users to publish to Twitter as a link in a single tweet or as a tweet thread. Any text, images, or videos from the post will be automatically uploaded as well. You can even see where the paragraphs will be split so you can customize exactly how your tweet thread will be displayed.

Explain your message quickly with the Loom Block

In today’s increasingly remote work environment, it can be challenging to deliver a message with enough context. Loom is a video recording tool that helps you get your message across clearly and quickly by recording you and your desktop simultaneously.

The new Loom Block allows you to embed a Loom video in a post by simply pasting the URL.

And more

As always, we’ve made other improvements to make site management easier.

  • Improved AMP compatibility to speed up your site
  • Added ways to detect connection issues and fix them quickly

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this release:

Aaron Robertshaw, Alex Forcier, Allison Levine, Anne Mirasol, Atanas Angelov, Bart Kalisz, Bernie Reiter, Biser Perchinkov, Brad Jorsch, Brandon Kraft, Chris Rosser, Christopher Allford, Damián Suárez, Dave Smith, David Lonjon, Derek Springer, Dion Hulse, Enej Bajgoric, Eric Binnion, Rob Pugh, Eru Penkman, Fernando Marichal, Filipe Varela, Foteini Giannaropoulou, Gary Pendergast, Geoff Guillain, Glen Davies, Harris Papazolgou, Henry Ng, Igor Zinovyev, Jason Moon, Jeremy Herve, Kevin Zoschke, Kim Brown, Konstantin Obenland, Leo Germani, Marco Pereirinha, Marin Atanasov, Matt Gawarecki, Matthew Denton, Miguel Torres, Oscar Lopez, Paul Jacobson, Paul Schreiber, Reint Jan Hoiting, Robert Franklin, Rua Haszard, Răzvan Papadopol, Scott Evans, Sergey Mitroshin, Sten Ridley, Tony Arcangelini, Weston Ruter, Yaroslav Kukharuk.

Note: we had a few early reports that 9.0 with particular setups could experience issues, so we released a new version, 9.0.2, to resolve it.

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  1. Doug Bardwell says:

    I have a personal Facebook account, a business account, and a few separate pages and group pages. When I use the Publicize feature I’d love to know how to figure out where it’s going to post. An article explaining this would be really welcome.


  2. Krys says:

    Regarding this – “We partnered with Facebook to create a seamless transition to ensure Facebook and Instagram posts will continue to display as expected.

    Simply connect your site to Jetpack and start sharing. We’ll handle everything behind the scenes so you don’t have to worry about it.”

    Do we need to go to the Jetpack settings and turn on “compose using shortcodes to embed media from popular sites” since it seems like it’s turned off by default?


    • Jeremy Herve says:

      No, you don’t have to. The 2 embeds will be available on your site whether you’ve activated the Shortcode feature or not.


  3. nikhilsbpawar says:

    Great article sir, I am using Jetpack since a long time on my website. Jetpack really help me when my site downtime. It continuously monitoring my website 24*7 I love Jetpack. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Trablogger says:

    I’m not sure what happened, all of a sudden all the options which were selected before on jetpack found to be unselected, like fresh install of the plugin. I found it when I couldn’t see the notification bubble on the top right. Also the top post and page widget is throwing an error. I have turned on site stats and other options I was using. But still I am not able to receive notifications for comments made on my blog. Interestingly, some of the replies to my comments appear on my notification tab. Though I might suspect that it has happened because of the new update, but I found this issue just 2 days ago. So any expert opinion on this issue? How can I bring back my comment notification on to my dashboard top right part?


  5. RAJDEEP DAS says:

    If I uncheck the post to twitter option, still it’s posting in my twitter account. I hope this bug will come in your notice.


    • Jeremy Herve says:

      Thanks for the report! The toggle appears to work for me. Could you give it another try with your next post, and ensure that your changes are saved before you hit Publish?

      If that still doesn’t work, could you contact us so we can look into this more with you?

      Thank you.


  6. globenewmedia says:

    I have installed Jetpack, what else do I have to do to embed Instagram? Can I just use the WordPress drafting tools with blocks as usual?


    • Jeremy Herve says:

      Once you’ve hit the “Set Up Jetpack” button to connect Jetpack to your account, you’re all done. You can continue to use your post editor just like before; Facebook and Instagram posts will be embedded for you!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. RKenshin says:

    Is there a certain “plan” that has to be installed for this to work? Or does the FREE jetpack CRM cover this change?
    thank you!


    • Jeremy Herve says:

      There is no need to purchase any plan. Jetpack’s Embeds feature is available as soon as you connect the Jetpack plugin to, regardless of whether you picked a paid plan or chose to use the free version of the Jetpack plugin.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. fireflydani says:

    Unfortunately it appears to have some issues with the Facebook feed plugin. Quite a few of us are having issues with the plugin showing on the website as : Your Request Couldn’t be Processed. There was a problem with this request. We’re working on getting it fixed as soon as we can. Refer these two threads: and

    So far no solutions.


    • Jeremy Herve says:

      This appears to be an issue on Facebook’s end. I’m afraid we won’t be able to help with this. I would recommend that you subscribe to this bug report on Facebook’s developer site. The Facebook team will update it as soon as they make progress on this.


      • fireflydani says:

        It appears only an issue with Jetpack and Facebook (not Facebook in general) as other Facebook feed embeds are still working (eg Smash Balloon) so guess we will have to go elsewhere to use this feature. A bit disappointing as we received an email from Jetpack prior to Facebook removing the oEmbed API saying that “Jetpack is taking care of this issue for you so that your embedded Facebook and Instagram posts will continue to display correctly on your site.” Guess it didn’t go to plan.


      • Jeremy Herve says:

        The issue isn’t limited to Jetpack’s widget I’m afraid; you can find more information and examples about the bug in the Facebook bug report I mentioned earlier. The good news is, the Facebook team has confirmed the issue and is currently looking into it. I suspect they may be able to find the source of the issue soon.

        The widget isn’t related to Facebook and Instagram post embeds; those follow a different implementation and appear unaffected by the problem at hand. You should still be able to embed Facebook and Instagram posts into your posts and pages.


  9. mydoglogic says:

    Can you share old post that you have already published?


    • Jeremy Herve says:

      Are you referring to the ability to automatically post a link to one of your posts on your Facebook page, as soon as you publish that post on your site? If so, you can indeed trigger that automatic posting more than once, when you use one of our paid plans. You can read more about it here.


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