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Google Integration

This page will guide you through the cool things you can do with all of the great services Google offers and how to make the most of Google on your Jetpack-activated WordPress blog!

Here is a list of things you can do:

  1. Post Comments using your Google+ Account
  2. Share to Google+ from posts and pages
  3. Embed Google Content
  4. Automatically share your latest posts on your Google+ Profiles and Pages.

Post Comments using your Google+ Account

When you want to post a comment on a blog using Jetpack Comments, you can post as a guest (where you enter your own details), use your account, or use one of your other social accounts. When you use a social account like Google+, we’ll automatically use your name and email address from that site, and will grab your profile picture and URL to associate with your comment. Read more about our commenting options.

Share to Google+ Button

You can add a sharing button to your posts so that your readers can quickly and easily share your content with their friends/followers.


To add a Google+ button, go to Settings → Sharing in your dashboard, enable the sharing options you want and drag the Google+ button from Available Services to Enabled Services. Read more about this on the Sharing support page.

Embedding Google Content

Google Maps

Want to show people where something is, or how to get somewhere? Grab a Google Map and embed it right into your Post or Page using these instructions.

Automatically share your latest posts on your Google+ Profiles and Pages.

You can now share your latest content on your Google+ Profiles and Pages! To do so, please follow the instructions here.

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