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Troubleshoot Jetpack Scan

Having trouble with Jetpack Scan? Follow these troubleshooting steps to fix issues with Jetpack Scan.

Step 1: Check the site’s Jetpack connection

A working Jetpack connection is required to get Jetpack Scan working properly.

  1. Check your site’s connection on the Jetpack Debug page.
  2. Troubleshoot the connection using the Fixing Jetpack Connection Issues guide.

Step 2: Add server credentials

If the site’s Jetpack connection is working and Jetpack Scan is still having problems scanning the website, the next step is to add server credentials.

Adding server credentials is also required to auto-fix any threats detected by Jetpack Scan, so by adding server credentials you are better prepared if you do need to fix a threat.

  1. Follow our Adding Credentials to Jetpack VaultPress Backup guide
  2. Unsure what server credentials are? Check out our documentation about SSH, SFTP, FTPS, and FTP Credentials.

Step 3: Check file permissions

  1. To help Jetpack scan your site successfully, ensure your SFTP/SSH/FTP credentials have full read and write file permissions to your WordPress installation directory.
  2. You can wait for a new scan to run the next day, or trigger a new scan by clicking the Scan Now button on your Scan page.

Step 4: Review security and firewall settings

Web Application Firewalls (WAF) such as Cloudflare or Sucuri can prevent Jetpack Scan from working, or a security plugin installed on the site may be blocking certain network requests.

  1. If you are comfortable, please review and adjust any WAF or security plugin settings to allow all communications between your site and Jetpack. You may need to allowlist Jetpack IP addresses in the plugins’ settings.
  2. If not, we recommend temporarily disabling these services/features while troubleshooting Jetpack Scan. Generally, this can be achieved by disabling the plugin, but you might also have to disable a feature in the service provider’s dashboard (i.e.: pausing Cloudflare from their dashboard).

Step 5: Speak to Your Host

If the above troubleshooting has not worked to get Jetpack Scan running, you may need to speak to your webhost.

  1. If you are not sure about who your site is hosted with you can check using
  2. Ask your host to allowlist Jetpack IP addresses.
  3. Ask your host to check for any other blocks between them and Jetpack.

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