Jetpack 6.9: introducing more tools for the new block editor

Another wave of blocks built for the new WordPress editor is here! Along with a streamlined admin page, Jetpack 6.9 is a serious upgrade to your website building and management tools.

New blocks

This release introduces four new blocks. Let’s see them in action!

Subscription block

Put a subscription block into any post or page so readers can subscribe to your site whenever the mood strikes them. You’ll see the Subscription block as an option in the block editor if the Subscriptions feature is active on your site.

Related Posts Block

Guiding readers to related content they might enjoy is a great way to keep them on your site. With a block, you can add Related Posts anywhere on your posts and pages — not just at the bottom.

Tiled Gallery Block

Tiled galleries give any group of images a magazine-worthy layout, and now their graphic design pop comes in block form.


You’ll now spot a new Jetpack icon at the top right of your block editor. Click on the icon and you will access the post’s shortlink, that you can copy and use when sharing your posts. You will also find your Publicize options there.

Admin Page

We’ve made changes to several common admin pages that will have a big impact for both new and existing Jetpack users. It impacts multiple screens and flows:

  • You will notice changes when heading to Jetpack > Dashboard right after activating the plugin.
  • You will notice a new card when coming back to your dashboard right after connecting the plugin to your account.
  • You will notice some changes in the modals that are displayed in the Jetpack dashboard when coming back to your site after purchasing a plan.
  • You will find a new “My Plan” section in the Jetpack dashboard.
  • The sections and cards under Jetpack > Settings were also reorganized.
  • We’ve starting working on improving the different notices that are displayed to you when changing settings.
  • We’ve updated the message displayed to users who have not linked their own account on a site that is already using Jetpack.

And More!

As always, the full changelog offers more details on this update. If you’re ready to bring the latest version of Jetpack to your site, install Jetpack or update your existing installation right now.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this release:

Alex Kirk, Allan Cole, Antal Tony Tettinger, Artur Piszek, Ben Dwyer, Ben Lowery, Bernie Reiter, Brandon Kraft, Christopher Finke, Daniel Walmsley, Derek Smart, Elio Rivero, Enej Bajgoric, Filipe Varela, George Stephanis, Greg Ichneumon Brown, Ian Jenkins, Igor Zinovyev, Jarda Snajdr, Jacopo Tomasone, Jeff Golenski, Jefferson Rabb, Jeremy Herve, Joan Rho, Jon Surrell, Jorge Leandro Perez, Joshua Flowers, Justin Shreve, Kerry Liu, Marin Atanasov, Mark George, Markus Dobmann, Martin K., Michael Arestad, Michael D Adams, Michael Turk, Miguel Torres, Mikael Korpela, Osk, Peter Westwood, Robert Elliott, Rocco Tripaldi, Rodrigo Iloro, Steven Lin, Thomas Guillot, Veselin Nikolov, Weston Ruter, and Yaroslav Kukharuk.

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  1. René says:

    how can i remove the jetpack css (id=’jetpack_css-css’ ) that is loaded in the frontend with the update?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dave Z says:

    Is there a way to filter related to posts to show only posts within say the last 30 months vs 15 years?


  3. The new changes are really good. Although it’s not relevant to ask this question here, can you let me know a way to reduce the image file size? Already using WP Smush It plugin and Siteground webhosting.


    • Jeremy Herve says:

      If you use our image CDN feature, Jetpack will actually optimize all the images that are inserted in your posts and pages for you. This includes reducing the file size when possible.


      • Hi Jeremy!

        Already using this feature and according to Google Page Speed, Pingdom, GT Metrix the site loading time is nearly 2.5 seconds and want to decrease it further by reducing the image size. For content delivery using Cloudfare too.


      • Jeremy Herve says:

        You can try to optimize those images further before to upload them to your site, or by uploading images that are more appropriate for the web (jpg instead of png for example, and images you’ve exported using the “for web” option in you image editor), or with a plugin like Imsanity or EWWW.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Jaesa says:

    Related Posts : by default, the maximum number to be displayed is 3. Soon will the max be at 6 ?


  5. Shubham says:

    Heads Up! We need DISCORD App Icon in Social Icon Widget for Sidebar. Definitely, it will help me remove another social icon plugin and keep my database clean. Jetpack has helped me solve so many problems in one package. Kudos to Jetpack Team 🙂


  6. Gustavo Cordeiro says:

    Olá eu gostei a minha mais eu não tenho carão pode mandar um boleto bancário para eu pagar e testar por um mes se for possivel pode mim mandar por e-mal que eu mim torno já cliente jetkack


  7. SUNIPEYK says:

    How to delete ‘jetpack-email-subscribe-css’ file from frontend??? After every new jetpack version release there show up a script or css file on frontend, that hard to delete.


    • Jeremy Herve says:

      Thanks for the report! That is indeed an issue with the new shortcode we’ve added to this release. We’ll get this fixed, and you can follow our progress here. Until then, you can remove that file by adding the following to a functionality plugin on your site:

      function jetpackcom_dequeue_mailchimp_style() {
      	wp_dequeue_style( 'jetpack-email-subscribe' );
      add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'jetpackcom_dequeue_mailchimp_style' );

      Sorry for the trouble!


      • SUNIPEYK says:

        Thank you for your quick reply. But instead of your function code

        function remove_jetpack_email_subscribe() {
        wp_deregister_style( ‘jetpack-email-subscribe’ );

        add_action( ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘remove_jetpack_email_subscribe’, 101 );

        is doing the job. I think wp_dequeue_style do not working. It is only send that css file to footer.


      • Jeremy Herve says:

        Oh, that’s good to know. The file is re-enqueued later on, so deregistering it is indeed better! Thanks!

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Sannibaseet says:

    How can I view my ad impressions, how my ads are performing.


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