Five Ways a WooCommerce Backup Plugin Can Save Your Business

It takes a lot to build a successful online store, and the last thing you want is to lose all of that hard work. But permanently losing your website or customer data should never happen, because it’s completely avoidable. And if you use the best WooCommerce backup plugin — Jetpack Backup — it never will. 

Here are five ways Jetpack Backup can save your website and your business.

1. It saves you time

Consider this scenario: Your site crashes for some reason, at the worst possible time, and you need to restore it immediately. Every second counts, because you have customers placing orders, visitors coming to your site, and ads running on social media.

But to restore your site, you first have to find the problem. What caused the crash? Will it keep happening? Then, you have to fix the problem. All this investigation takes time.

But with Jetpack Backup’s activity log, you can pinpoint the specific action that caused the crash and the exact moment it happened.

Jetpack activity log showing recent actions on a website

For example, the activity log would show you if your site went down right after a plugin update. With real-time backups from Jetpack, you can simply restore a copy of your shop to the moment right before, buying you time to troubleshoot and find a solution. 

Or, let’s say you change the colors of your site, switch out some photos, and restructure your navigation, but aren’t happy with the result. With backups, it’s super easy to revert back to the original design.

Manual backups aren’t good enough

While manual backups are certainly better than no backups at all, they’re very time consuming. You have to personally back up your database, then connect via FTP to download all of your files. If you want a regular copy of your site, this could take hours each week. You don’t want to use Manual Backups because of the following reasons:

  • They can slow down your server, causing your site to briefly time out.
  • You’re responsible for safely and securely storing them.
  • They require technical knowledge or a developer to help.

Think of all the time you’d have to invest. And that assumes you never need to use the backups! What then? Learn more about why you should avoid manual backups

2. It protects against malware and security breaches

The worst reason to need a backup is a cyberattack. Your site could stop working, your customers could be tricked into giving away personal data, or you could suffer a damaged reputation and be penalized by Google. But this doesn’t have to be a concern if your data is continually backed up.

If you purchase Jetpack Security, which includes Jetpack Backup, it will regularly scan your site for malicious code, catching potential problems early. Jetpack helps secure your store even more with downtime monitoring and brute force protection. Learn more about these security features.

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3. It safeguards your content, orders, and customer data

Your content is original and irreplaceable. So unless you regularly back up WooCommerce, if your site crashes, you can lose it all. An even bigger concern would be losing all the valuable customer data and order information you’ve accumulated from your sales.

Imagine losing all the digital assets that appear on your website:

  • Product photos
  • Marketing funnels
  • How-to videos
  • Comment threads
  • Blog posts
  • Order and customer information
  • Reviews

Losing these would be a total disaster. And trusting your host to manage backups isn’t good enough, because if your server is compromised, you won’t be able to access your files.

With Jetpack Backup, your files are stored in multiple locations. This redundancy prevents the situation just described from happening. Because it backs up your site every day, you can completely eliminate any fears of content or data loss. And if you choose real-time backups, a copy of your store is saved every time someone places an order, you update a product, or a customer leaves a review. 

4. It ensures minimal revenue losses

If your site goes down and you have no backups, you might need to spend a bunch of money on a developer to recreate your store. Or, at the very least, you’ll need to spend your valuable time rebuilding it yourself. You can save almost all that money if you have a WooCommerce backup plugin in place. 

You’ll also save money by dramatically reducing downtime. Every minute your site is down, that’s another order you’re missing out on and another customer lost to a competitor. But with Jetpack Backup, you can restore your site with a few clicks and be up and running again quickly. 

5. It protects your reputation

If your site is hacked or down for too long, even your most loyal customers will begin to question your reputation. They don’t care about your data, but they care very much about theirs. And a crashed site is simply less trustworthy.

Your brand is on the line. A good backup plugin like Jetpack Backup preserves your hard-earned reputation by keeping your data safe.

Try Jetpack Backup

Jetpack Backup is available in two versions: daily backups and real-time backups. For eCommerce stores, real-time backups are often the best choice, since your site is always updating with new orders, reviews, and products. But regardless of the option you choose, you can rest easy, knowing your customer information and hard work is protected.

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