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Automating your WordPress website’s features can be a real time-saver. The time that website automation saves you can be put back into other site projects, such as increasing the size of your audience or building a strong social media presence.

From marketing tools and content sharing, to site backups and one-click ads, Jetpack offers numerous features that can automate or streamline many common site processes. Let’s take a closer look at these, starting with the website must-haves!

Essential Jetpack automation tools

With these important Jetpack tools, new and seasoned site owners can configure their websites to automatically perform certain time-consuming, but vital tasks.


Search engines, like Google, use sitemaps to index your pages and content. So, creating a sitemap is one of the most important things that you can do to ensure your website appears at the top of search results.

Jetpack automates the process of sitemap curation by creating one and submitting it for you. Just activate the Sitemaps tool to generate one that automatically updates itself with every site change you make.

This will save you ample time, as you won’t need to draft your sitemap from scratch and update it every time your site undergoes a change.


Your site can never be too safe. With its Premium and Professional plans, Jetpack offers automatic, daily security scans that look for suspicious activity and malicious code on your site. Additionally, Jetpack offers automatic resolutions for a large number of known threats.


Security vulnerabilities, or even simple site accidents, can result in lost content. No matter what happens, your hard work will be safe with Site Backups.

All paid Jetpack plans come equipped with automatic, daily backups that are stored at secure, offsite locations. And like its security scans, Jetpack’s backups are enabled by default and configured automatically.

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Automated tools for site engagement

Now that your site is automatically maintained, you’ll want to streamline the features that your site visitors will interact with. Again, Jetpack steps in to offer automation tools that can help.

Related Posts

Presenting your readers with interesting content options is a great way to keep them engaged and on your site for longer periods of time. This might even increase your site traffic and the likelihood of ranking well in search results.

There are plugins that help you do this, but Related Posts gets the job done automatically. Once enabled, you won’t have to manually pick relevant posts to display after a reader finishes an article. Instead, Jetpack analyzes your content and displays related content at the bottom of each post.

To enable this feature and customize the appearance of the Related Posts section, go to Jetpack > Settings > Traffic and click Related Posts.

Customizing Related Posts in Jetpack


Subscriptions helps to engage with site visitors, even when they’re not on your website. After someone subscribes to your site, they will receive emails with your latest posts and updates, making it easier to stay top-of-mind and ahead of any competition.

This feature is activated by default and needs very little configuration. You can find it in your Dashboard under Jetpack > Settings > Discussion.

Changing settings for automated Subscriptions

Subscription sign-up forms can appear in three places:

  • As checkboxes at the bottom of your comment forms.
  • On your sidebar as a widget. To add a Subscriptions widget, go to your widgets and drag the Blog Subscriptions (Jetpack) widget to your preferred sidebar location. You can then customize its appearance.
  • Anywhere on your site using the

    Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.


After the initial Subscriptions and form configurations, Jetpack automates the rest. Every time you post new content, your visitors will receive it directly in their inboxes, and to their Readers if they subscribe to your site.

Spam filtering

As your site attracts more users, it can become susceptible to spammers. Spammers try to divert traffic away from your website by posting legitimate-looking comments and pingbacks to trick your users into visiting suspicious sites. This can, and will, eventually drive traffic away and erode your reputation.

You can invest time and effort into manually moderating each comment left on your site, or you can implement a Personal, Premium, or Professional Jetpack plan to get comments, pingbacks, and contact form submissions automatically filtered for known spam.

Social sharing

Publicize can help you maximize your reach by automatically publishing new posts to your social media accounts whenever you post something on your site.

You will consistently share content across various platforms, reaching each platform’s distinct communities. With Premium and Professional plans, you can also schedule future social media posts or re-share your existing content with those who may not have seen it yet.

You can enable Publicize in Jetpack > Settings > Sharing. Just connect your social profiles, customize the text that accompanies your shares, and let Jetpack do the heavy lifting.

Automated monetization tools

Once you amass a larger audience, you might want to leverage your content to bring in some additional income. One of the most straightforward ways to automate this process is by using WordAds.

This is a one-click tool that automatically finds relevant ads to place on your site. You can then choose the best locations for them. Once Ads is set up, you’ll have an income stream that is automatically managed by Jetpack.

A screenshot of earnings from automated ads

Ads are available to anyone using a Jetpack Premium or Professional plan. Just go to Jetpack > Dashboard > Traffic to activate it.

Let Jetpack do the heavy lifting and automate your website

Using Jetpack’s automation tools for WordPress, you won’t have to spend time completing site tasks that distract you from larger-scale projects or focusing on your overall business growth.

What tools do you use for website automation? Are you going to try any of these now that you know about them? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Glenn Tremain (@GlennTremain) says:

    When will it work with wpengine? publicize doesnt work on their servers even after we had them try to fix.

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  2. Collins Agbonghama says:

    I love Jetpack. Been a paid customer for years and couldn’t be more happy especially with the backups.

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  3. Micheal says:

    Thanks to your team for the amazing work. My question is, does Jetpack stat also report for AMP traffic from google?


  4. desmartd says:

    thanks i can not get to my dashboard


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