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Google+ Badge Widget

The Google+ Badge Widget helps you link your Google+ page to your site. Get more recommendations for your site in Google search and grow your audience on Google+.

The Google+ badge widget is a great way for you to link your Google+ pages, profiles, and communities to your Jetpack-powered site. Because Google+ pages, profiles, and communities are different, we offer slightly different versions of the badges:

  • Profiles: Allow people to easily find you on Google+ and add you to a circle directly from your website.
  • Pages: Includes the profile badge features and adds some additional information.
  • Communities: Help people find your community and engage with other users on a topic they find interesting.

You can use as many widgets as you like – if you have a profile, a page, AND some communities you want to show on your site, just set up a new Google+ Badge widget for each one you want to add. Simple!

Configuring the badges

Make sure you have the Extra Sidebar Widgets feature enabled in Jetpack -> Settings and add the “Google+ Badge (Jetpack)” widget to the sidebar of your choice.

Each badge has the following configuration options:

  • Title: You can set a custom title for your badge widget.
  • Type of Widget: Drop down menu where you can select the Person, Page, or Community Widget.
  • Google+ URL: the full URL of your Google+ profile, page, or community.
  • Width: The pixel width of the badge; the default width is set to 220px. Available width ranges: Portrait Layout (180-450px) / Landscape Layout (273-450px).
  • Layout: Sets the orientation of the badge – Portrait or Landscape.
  • Theme: The color theme of the badge – Light or Dark.
  • Show Cover Photo: Checkbox to display the cover photo in the badge if the photo exists.
  • Show Tag Line: Checkbox to display the Profile/Page/Community tag line if one exists.

Additionally, the Community badge has a “Show Owners” checkbox to display a list of community owners if set.

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