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How to activate and deactivate modules

You can activate and deactivate any Jetpack module from the Jetpack Settings page in your Dashboard.

Jetpack Modules

Follow these steps to activate a module:

  1. Navigate to the Jetpack Settings page in your dashboard, and locate the module you wish to activate. You can use the searchform to find a specific module, or browse through the different Jetpack features thanks to the categories at the top of the page.
  2. Click on the toggles appearing at the right of each module to activate and deactivate modules.

You can deactivate any feature you don’t feel like using, and reactivate it at any time.

After successfully connecting to your account, some Jetpack features are automatically activated. Since each works differently, you can open each module card for specific instructions on using each one. Active modules have a blue toggle, while inactive modules have a grey toggle.

Active and Inactive Jetpack modules

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