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How to activate and deactivate modules

You can activate and deactivate any Jetpack module from the Jetpack  Settings page in your Dashboard.

JP3 Activate ModuleFollow these steps to activate a module:

  1. Navigate to the Jetpack Settings page in your dashboard, and locate the module you wish to activate.
  2. Move your mouse to the module listing. This will bring up an Activate link when hovering, which you can click to enable the module.

You can deactivate any feature you don’t feel like using, and reactivate it at any time. To turn specific features off, you can deactivate a module by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Jetpack Settings page in your dashboard, and locate the widget you wish to deactivate.
  2. When you hover your mouse over a module listing, its Deactivate link will appear. Click it to disable.

JP3 Activate Configure ModuleAfter successfully connecting to your account, most Jetpack features are automatically activated. Since each works differently, you can click its title for specific instructions on using each one. Active modules have a light blue background, while inactive modules have a white background.

Some modules have options that you can edit. When this is the case, hovering on the module listing will bring up a Configure link. Click this link to access additional settings.



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